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Product Review MILVUS – BRAVO

By 14. Januar 2015Bekleidung, english

Review from an Australian glider pilot.

One of our first customers from Australia sent us spontaneously a feedback.
Read about his experience during his first flights with the pilot trousers BRAVO from MILVUS.
He allowed us to post his feedback without his name to keep his privacy.
Thanks for your understanding.


I have flown with the BRAVO pants twice now in the week since they arrived, one flight being almost 8 hours and I can say they are very very good. They met all my expectations, are comfortable, fit perfectly, and all your good design ideas work great.

I was taking notes during the flight and the window-pockets worked very well too. perfect size, being A6.

I spent a fair amount of time thinking of what else you could add to the BRAVO to make them even better, and I could not come up with a single thing. The attention to detail is first class. Like the little zipper levers that don’t get in the way when your hand rests across them. The little tags that cannot catch in anything…Pen pockets on both sides in just the right position.

The long centre main zip works brilliantly, I did test it, it’s even better than expected. Releasing ballast has never been so easy.

In the 40°C heat and high humidity, they were still comfortable. The grey colour did not get hot and also did not create glare or reflections. Just right ! They breathed pretty well too. I rolled the pants up to just under my knees, in the shade of the instrument panel and they were comfortable and not tight. 

The velcro strap and clip at the foot end are excellent for keeping the grass seeds out of your socks too, when walking around before take-off. Nice to see the elastic shoe loops are removable. I probably won’t need to use these. The side pockets worked great, are the right size and in just the correct position.

I like everything about them ! 10/10 !

– Anonymous – Australian glider pilot


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