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Product review gliding trousers

By 24. September 2015Bekleidung, english

SAILPLANE & GLIDING Magzin tested this Summer the gliding trousers BRAVO from MILVUS

Chris Robinson tries out the MILVUS trousers designed for glider pilots

Wow! Arriving at the gliding club in your Ferrari, leaving the Rolls-Royce at home and climbing into your brand new top of the range glider, withall the latest gadgets? Then these are the right trousers for you. They are the very best design, material and manufacture. Top (drawer) quality. They are long, so that they can cover your shoes and protect your ankles from UV in strong sunlight – very good for DG pilots. There are straps and hooks that ensure that the trousers are well tucked in around your shoes.

MILVUS Segelflughose Lüftungsreissverschluss

ventilation zippers


The material is very light and the weave is so dense so that it is windproof. After washing in NikWax wash and Wash In proof, it is at least shower proof. The outer shell also includes a non-slip layer at the back which prevents slipping. There is a long zip at the front allowing good access for long flights; I prefer a double ended zip so that it can be opened from the bottom.

On the legs there are two knee pads, rather small when compared with standard RAF flying suits, but very useful for essential information. I use the left leg for permanent goto information (frequencies for ATC, airfields etc) and the right leg for recording clearances (using a wax pencil). On the inside of the legs there are additional zips for access to underneath clothing, but mainly to provide additional ventilation, like the underarm vents in ski suits (I have been a skiing instructor for more than 40 years). On the outside of the legs there are zips for pockets under the leg kneepads.

MILVUS Segelflughose Seitentaschen

direct access


Using some of my previous avionics contacts, I checked out the UV protection in a test lab and was very impressed. These trousers will provide good service in hot climates in the summer. In Scotland we have short periods when wearing such clothing is practical (hence taking six months to provide the review), but if you want the best kit to complement your top shelf glider, then these are the right trousers.
A bit pricey at €249, but if you have a Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and an ASG 29, why not buy the best, you can afford it.

Chris reviewed the Bravo trousers, pictured here. The Alfa version costs €189. Designed by Swiss glider pilot Daniel Baumli, MILVUS trousers can be ordered by email. At the moment, the website is only in German, but English flyers are available.
Email info@milvus.aero




Chris Robinson (above) is the full-time staff instructor at the Scottish Gliding Union. He has been flying for nearly 20 years and has flown at least 250hrs in each of these years. Although missing a Full Diamond, in his first year of solo flying, in a Club Junior, by just 15km short of 500km, his passion is teaching: he also has a PhD in bad jokes.

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